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Energy optimisation by Pinch Analysis

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Energy optimisation by Pinch Analysis

Post by ioncube on Mon Mar 19, 2012 11:29 am

Author has determined graphical ways to explore energy optimisation in two different processes
  1. Those where 'pinch point' lies somewhere b/w the process streams
  2. Those where 'pinch point' lies at the extreme of either hot stream inlet or outlet

In either case author by using live examples has shown how to reduce energy costs & thereby reducing total costs. The essence of whole of this optimisation is:
Use lower energy utilities (cooler hot utilities and warmer cold utilities)
Some unique features this procedure offers:
  1. Feed/product interchangers to be used as heat exchangers
  2. Where to place cold or heat utilities as opposed to the conventional thinking of placing them only at inlets/outlets
  3. Benefits of narrowing pinch temperature & its effect on overall heat transfer coefficient


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